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Onlookers!Dedicated plate in the Tiananmen Square red ribbon

Visitors  source: date:2019-10-26 9:05:52

In the past National Day holiday, if you went to Tiananmen Square, you must have seen an eye-catching landscape - a "Red Ribbon"Looking from the north of Monument to the People's Heroes, there are two "red ribbons" with a curve length of 212 meters and a height of 16 meters, which are wrapped around the sides of Tiananmen Square.Overlooking from the sky, it seems as a pair of big hands sticking out from the square and opening the arms to the Tiananmen Gate. Whether it is for the National Day celebration itself or for visitors to Beijing on these days, the Red Ribbonis one of the most distinctive landmarks on the National Day.

Jingye Group participates in the construction of “red ribbons” with stable quality. That which 2,618 tons of steel plate and more than 2,700 tons of counterweight steel from Jingye Group ensured the successful completion of the "Red Ribbon" project, It showing China's quality to the world and providing guarantee services for key projects.

The "red ribbon" landscape consists of four parts.On the outside of the square, there are two units on the east and west sides , which are inlaid with large screens. There are two units on the east and west sides of the square, which fall on the grass are the main body.The middle part of the main body is like a bridge with a span of 72 meters, 7.2 meters from the highest point on the ground, and 10 meters away from the outside. It is 16 meters high and 212 meters long. It is composed of steel structure and its weight is 3,000 tons. How is it fixed? How to prevent wind?

Making steel tray inside the structure, and then there are 2,700 tons of counterweights added to the pallets. It is estimated that can withstand ten winds. To protect the marble floor of Tiananmen Square, we need to lay a layer of gel on the ground firstly, and lay a layer of Jingye’s medium-thick plates on it. All construction is carried out on the steel plate.

With 70 years of hard work and winds, Today China is closer to the center of the world stage than ever before. The red ribbon on Tiananmen Square symbolizes the red genes connection of history, reality and future . Jingye Group will continue to play a role of a bridge to promote the development of the steel industry in our motherland.

Jingye Group always adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship to  strengthening the iron and steel industry and improving the internal control standard,we will make Jingye plate changge to the first choice of the coustomers . In the future, Jingye Group will serve more key projects and to create a steel country dream with the motherland.