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Enterprise culture
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Business competition is essentially the talents’ competition. Jingye Group is blessed to have a group of senior management staff and technicians from all over  the country. The group has been upholding the notion of devotion, establishing “the scheme of talents with 5 sectors”, namely management, skills, techniques, contract, reform and innovation, thus providing employees with great development opportunity.

Enterprise purpose:Make employees rich and bear social responsibility.

Enterprise spirit:Down-to-earth and refinement, dedicated to pursuing the first.
Working style:Quick response, immediate action, be well-prepared and focus on effects.
Safety ideas:Safety is of great importance and shall come first.
Environmental protection ideas:Production has to be stopped immediately once the environmental protection standards are not met; the working casualty regulation in environmental protection accidents.

Service ideas:Think in other’s position, feel the needs of customers; take active service attitude and go beyond customer’s expectation.

Getting employees rich and repaying society has been the purpose of Jingye Group. Li Ganpo, Chairman of the board, proposed that "We will help employees to achieve goals that cost of buying housein the county,children’s college and families’ medicalcan be affordable". Annual per capita salary has increased by more than 10%. Children of employees can get a subsidy of 5,000 yuan for undergraduate education per person per year. Employees who suffering from major disease can get full amount of subsidyfrom the Group excluding medical insurance reimbursement fees. The Group has also set up the Jingye Public Welfare Foundation

and donated millions of yuan to outstanding students in Pingshan County. In April 2018, the group donated another 5 million yuan to the local government for medical poverty alleviation;In the same year, it donated 15 million yuan to work with the county government to jointly upgrade the Gangcheng Road to Nanqiji Road Section;It donated 1.3 million yuan to Huangan Village for poverty alleviation…Over the years, the Group has put more than 800 million yuan in public welfare such as poverty alleviation, disaster relief, road construction and school construction, etc .