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We are the top 40 steel manufactures, top 100 foreign trade private corporations in 2013, We were awarded AA class  import and export enterprise highest honorby customs .


       Hebei JINGYE Group always adheres to the scientific development, further promote innovation, deepen reform, management improvement , manufacture-learning-research cooperation expanding, the introduction of advanced equipment and technology, market competitiveness strengthen.  Made positive progress on enterprise transformation and upgrading.In August 2013,the “2013 world steel data” indicated that in 2012 the global crude steel enterprise, hebei JINGYE Group has successfully entered the global steel mills in the top 40, now ranks 39th.

In June of 2013, China's foreign trade and economic statistical society awarded the 2013 China top 500 private foreign trade enterprise honorary certificate for JINGYE iron and steel co., LTD. JINGYE iron and steel group co., LTD., import and export was 685 million USD in 2012,  and ranked 84th in the top 500 private enterprises.

On March 6, 2013, JINGYE iron and steel CO. LTD. got the customs AA class enterprise management qualification. The qualification is the highest level of qualification in bypass customs management, also the customs import and export enterprises awarded the highest honor.The companies approved for AA class management need to gross in the import and export, import and export customs clearance error rate, accounting system, business record, operation and management status, the good faith, etc, meet the high standard requirement."AA class management enterprise" can enjoy various preferential policies and convenient measures customs regulation, including convenient procedures for the customs guarantee;Customs clearance at the scene of reducing inspection rate;"Earthly customs clearance, port clearance";First the goods declaration, examination and release formalities;Priority to arrange the booking customs clearance formalities, etc.Qualifications for group to further improve customs clearance efficiency, promote the competitiveness of the enterprises laid a solid foundation.