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International Cooperation
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 International Cooperation

As outcome of “opening up to Outside World”, Jingye Group started to cooperate with Russian businessmen at early establishment. And it always sticks to external communication. its subordinate chemical plants have established cooperative relationship with Glaxo Smit Kline biologicals Co.,Ltd (the second largest pharmaceutical company in the world)and American Johnson Company. Also the purchase Department has been in cooperation with such international mining companies as BHP Billion,Tio Tinto,Valve of Brazil and FMG. Each item of product from Jingye Group has been granted ISO9001 Certificate, EU CE Certificate and Certificate of Classification by nine countries. The products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions.

1.On March 20, 2009,dedicated group executive vice president Li Huiming and Brazil’s CVRD ore agreement China area president Juke held a signing ceremony.

2.On May 28, 2008, SSAB came to Jingye Group for technical Exchange.


3.On January 8, 2009, Olivia, Technical Manager of Asian market of CVRD and her partners visited Jingye Group.

4.On January20, 2010, ATALAS signed cooperative agreement with Jingye Group.

5.On May 29, 2009, XCOAL negotiated cooperation with Jingye Group.