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        The final purpose of establishing enterprise was gratified to society. During the growth of Jingye Group, It is not only solved the 20500 job questions but also accelerated the growth of surrounding transportation, Catering industry. It provided the job opportunities of 30000 indirectly and facilitated the surrounding people. Meanwhile, It actively devoted itself to education, Construct roads, disaster relief, denoted poverty and other social public welfare undertakings. Totally, Its investment amount exceeded 300 million yuan.
       To improve the local lifestyle and ideological concept and to urbanize the county, Jingye Group has made a plan for Nandian town, and taken charge in the largest urban renewal project of PingShan County------Xichenghuafu.


        In 2007,Jingye Group invested in building city steel road, on July 31th of this year Chenmeng steel road put into operation. totally, governments of PingShan County held a grand opening ceremony in the front of Developing Gate of Jingye Group. Chenmeng steel road lasts 16.5km in total, south from Mengxianbi and north to Nandian, totally invested 120 million Yuan by Jingye Group only.  It completely solve problems of economy, culture and traffic block for 130000 people from north of hutuo river .


       Jingye Group has been dedicated to improve the traffic environment for the benefit of the people of hometown, in 2009 invested more than 60 million building Jingye Group Ring Factory Road. August 18, Ring Factory Road officially opened to traffic. The entire 13 km road, after Nandian, Nanjiaopo, Beijiaopo, Kangzhuang, Xingjiawa, Qijiakan, Xiejiatong, Xianggongzhuang, Heimutian, Xinzhuang, Baili, Weijiayuan and other 12 villages. So that the road extend in all directions in and outside the factory, not only conducive to our transferring raw materials and finished goods, but also greatly facilitate the villagers to travel, is a acceptable and popular project to all the people around. So the majority of the staff and the people warm supported this project.

       Jingye Group developed, but do not forget their social responsibility, Jingye Group has built primary school for Weijiayuan and Baili village, also donated food to the poor mountain many times, and helped incalculable poor people. The development of Jingye Group provides employment opportunities to more than 20,000 farmers, and also led to the development of local transportation services, and other industries, which truly returns the society, and benefits the people of hometown.

 Getting employees rich and repaying society has been the purpose of Jingye Group. Li Ganpo, Chairman of the board, proposed that "We will help employees to achieve goals that cost of buying housein the county,children’s college and families’ medicalcan be affordable". Annual per capita salary has increased by more than 10%. Children of employees can get a subsidy of 5,000 yuan for undergraduate education per person per year. Employees who suffering from major disease can get full amount of subsidyfrom the Group excluding medical insurance reimbursement fees. The Group has also set up the Jingye Public Welfare Foundation and donated millions of yuan to outstanding students in Pingshan County. In April 2018, the group donated another 5 million yuan to the local government for medical poverty alleviation;In the same year, it donated 15 million yuan to work with the county government to jointly upgrade the Gangcheng Road to Nanqiji Road Section;It donated 1.3 million yuan to Huangan Village for poverty alleviation…Over the years, the Group has put more than 800 million yuan in public welfare such as poverty alleviation, disaster relief, road construction and school construction, etc .  In addition,the group also set up welfare enterprises dedicated coke acid CO.,LTD. It also arrange the 514 handicapped people of employment.At the same moment,all the handicapped arranged their insurance ,make their comfortable in their old age and reduce the burden on society.