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In order to further improve the enterprise competitiveness,Jingye Group has introduced two global leading high-tech projects—the additive manufacturing project and the short-process thin strip casting and rolling project. The group with additive manufacturing technology has set up an intelligent production line covering raw material production, laser-cladding restoration,3D printing and tool and mold steel production, and is the first whole-process additive manufacturer in the world.

The short-process thin strip casting and rolling project leads the cutting-edge techniques for production of thin strips in the world; the rolled metal line is shortened to 70 meters from 600 meters; compared to the production cost of traditional technology, the production cost decreases by 35%; the consumption of water and power decreases by 80%.

Seize the strategic opportunities for the integration of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, and expand development space, dedicated in 2016, Hebei Jingye medical technology Corp.Ltd to implement the transformation and upgrading, he moved to Beijing Cangzhou Bohai New biomedical industry park, focus on technology research and development of pharmaceutical preparations and pharmaceutical raw materials and manufacturing, is committed to the growth of the world's largest and most competitive manufacturer of salicylic acid and aspirin.